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The Man Behind Yogaflame24

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Welcome everyone to my website

Where I will be introducing my personality to my audience, who take the time out of their lives to watch my uploads. I made this website so I can feel one step closer to you all and build a relationship with each and everyone of you. As some of you might know, my real name is Marvin, and i have been uploading on YouTube for almost five years and love every second of it. I am a father of three and enjoy life. 

Why Is your YouTube Name Yogaflame24 ?

When Street Fighter 4 was released ( Xbox ) My main character was Guile. however I was really bad with him, in fact I was bad with every character untill I picked up Dhalsim and I would spam yoga fire and at the time when I was uploading on YouTube I was 24. So hence Yogaflame24. 

When Did You Start Uploading ?

I first started uploading at around August 6th 2009 I began first by uploading my Dhalsim matches which at the time people enjoyed watching as it was new and different.

What Capture Equipment Do You Use ?

I use a Hauppauge PVR 2 ( Latest Version ) which allows you to record in high definition from PS3, Xbox360 onto your windows Laptop or desktop PC in H.264 format

Why Do You Upload Top Japanese, American And European Players ?

I took inspiration from Lord Aborigine ( Brazil ) ssjfry14 ( United Kingdon ) Shin Akuma ( USA ) and also FrameAdvantageDotCom ( USA ) first I was making montages for fun and uploading them and people enjoyed watching them. with the realese of SSF4 which had a replay system I began collecting replays of good players and making montages of them ( Magic Series ) After finishing Wolfkrone ( One of the best viper players in USA ) i thought to myself that I wanted to upload top players as I enjoyed watching them.

What Do You Do Other Then Uploading Videos ?

I look after sick children and vulnerable adults, away from work I spend most my time with my family and often go to the gym and on the odd ocassion go to the cinema. like anybody else I have a good unit of close friends that I always hang with or talk to on the phone. I would think of myself as a religious person and try and treat people with respect if they deserve it I dislike people that think there better then other people or look down on someone as they may not be on there status.

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